Building native mobile apps with Angular and NativeScript
by Sebastian Witalec

May 30-31, 2019 Warsaw

ngPoland workshop spring edition

NG-Learn by NG-Poland presents Angular and NativeScript Master Workshops

Are you an Angular developer who always wanted to build an iOS or Android app? Good news!
NativeScript is a free and open-source runtime for building native apps with skills you already have – Angular, TypeScript, CSS, and npm. The best part?
NativeScript renders truly native UIs – giving your users the best performance and UX their devices can offer. In this workshop, you’ll learn how NativeScript works and how to leverage it to build your next mobile app. Then, you’ll dive in and use NativeScript to build an iOS and Android app from scratch. In this workshop you will bring your mobile device and laptop, with the software being discussed installed, and have the unique opportunity to learn hands-on, following along with an instructor step-by-step.

What you learn

NativeScript - core concept (day 1)

Topics that we will cover include:
  • Implementing the UI
  • Creating components in a NativeScript project
  • Creating services in a NativeScript project
  • Using Native iOS/Android plugins
  • Tips & best practices.

For each new piece of knowledge, there will be an exercise to go with it. We will also look into different ways of building apps with NativeScript and dive into debugging a NativeScript app.

Building an application from start to finish (day 2)

You will be presented with a challenge, some image assets, backend data, and a high level mock of an app.

NG-Learn is a 2 day hands-on workshop



Learn the core concepts of coding an end-to-end app with NativeScript and Angular from an industry expert Sebastian Witalec. Get a diploma and a commemorative T-shirt


Bring your laptop! An important part of the training is dedicated to building apps together and testing things in real time.


You should have significant experience in building web applications with HTML5 and JavaScript. No previous experience with Angular is required.

Meet the master

Sebastian Witalec

Sebastian Witalec

Technical Evangelist at Progress

Sebastian is a Technical Evangelist with over 8 years of experience in software engineering and architecture. Sebastian has passion for all types of technologies. However in the last few years his focus shifted towards cross platform Mobile development where he gained experience with Apache Cordova and NativeScript (a member of the team). He is always happy to learn about the new stuff and to pass the knowledge as far as his voice (or the wire) can take him. Sebastian is based in London, UK actively working with various Dev communities in the area. When not acting techie he is a massive football fan/player (probably bigger at heart than skills).

Winner of ngAwards 2018

Angular Product Hero

  • A longtime evangelist of Angular and NativeScript
  • Top rated trainer
  • Full of enthusiasm

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In this workshop, you’ll learn how NativeScript works and how to leverage it to build your next mobile app.

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Workshops May 30-31, 2019 will take place in Golden Floor Tower, Chłodna 51, Warsaw

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